We Simplify The Difficulties Of Video Production


Affordability can be the main decision for a business when choosing a company for their video production.  This can also be the most difficult task for the video production company to accurately provide.  There are SO MANY factors in video production.  How many cameras will be needed?  Will a voice over be needed?  How much editing or effects will be required when producing the final video?  Those are just some of the many factors that determine cost and it can be hard to give an exact price prior to a conversation.  But lets start with some basic ideas of cost depending on the complexity of the project*:

  • 1 camera for shooting video: $50-200 per hour
  • Additional cameras for shooting: $25-$100 per additional camera per hour
  • Voice Over Work: $25-$50 per hour
  • Post Video Shoot Editing and Production: $75-200 per hour
  • Traveling: No additional cost within 60 miles of travel

*Final cost will be provided with official quote

Our prices are competitive with the leading video agencies in Southeast Michigan.  We also provide premium discounts for multiple projects.


Video production can be stressful for customers but less so when choosing GBS Media.  Our main priority is to make sure your project looks amazing and accomplishes your goals.  We take the stress OUT of video production for our customers.  We encourage you to speak with our past clients.  Or speak to us personally and we can share the “little things” we do to make your video project a success.  Lastly and most importantly, we care about our customers and their goals and take exceptional pride in the work we do.


You have reviewed our prices and our quality of work and you are interested.  Great! We want to work with you.  Let’s start a free, no obligation conversation about your project.  Just fill out the form below.  Better yet, give us a call and we would be happy to answer any questions you have and invite you to our offices to further “brainstorm” your project.

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